since 1992

The Gardens at Bullimah has a long history. It is situated between Albany and Denmark in the Great Southern region, nestled between rolling farmlands and an old school site which was once surrounded in its own delightful garden of the time.

When we first arrived we noticed jonquils and other spring bulbs, a reminder of a happy school garden, popping up in our own developing gardens. We loved the giant Morten Bay Figs and old Pines that we knew could tell stories of bygone school days and it helped to inspire us to create a little of our own history. 

We spent many years nurturing our ex-farm land back to good health and creating the beautiful spaces that now exist. Yes, there have been sore backs and tired muscles and days when we thought it would never end….and of course, it will never end. What we have discovered along the way, is that this life-time passion is just that and we have come to love the ever-developing and changing nature of creating a garden – and we no longer want it to end! 

The first house we built is where our children’s childhood memories were made.  That house has since been replaced with the beautiful Bullimah Homestead where you and your family or friends can enjoy some simple elegance.

Not long after purchasing the property we noticed a cleared section of bushland that remained green throughout summer. After some initial clearing, a small, rectangular and largely rotted wooden well was discovered. Our children found and collected fragments of china, pottery, and many small coloured bottles from the area around the well. After some discussion with long-term residents of the Lake Powell area, it was discovered that in the early 1900’s, Chinese workers who had come south to work on the Elleker to Nornalup Railway line, had camped around the area. They became known for the small market gardens they grew to supplement their specific food requirements. The land now known as Bullimah (meaning ‘a piece or place of heaven’) had its gardening history born in those hard working immigrants. We feel it is an honour to be able to recreate the use of some of this land for the production of fresh and healthy produce that we can share with you.

We have called our reception centre Potters Well in honour of the first gardeners of Bullimah. 

We look forward to your visit.